Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catchin' Up with The Gals (and Zac)!!

Last Thursday, I was able to get together with some of my college roomies. At one point in time, I lived with each of these girls. We had a great time together when we were in college and now we are all grown up and married. Whitney has a little boy named Carter and Lauren in expecting a little girl (Kendall) in August. We met up at Northpark for a little shopping and catching up.
Whitney and Carter, me and Ella, Tifani, Lauren Tifani and Ella playing.
Lauren got a cute picture of Ella.
Ella is almost 9 months and Carter is about 6 months. Aren't they cute!!
For dinner, Paul and Hudson, Chelle Dess and her little girl Emory, and Zac met us for dinner at Chuy's. Chelle was younger than us at Baylor, but she was a good friend. Zac was one of the girls. He was always at our apartment and was even in my wedding. He has been living in Hawaii for the past few years and is now moving back. We have missed you Zac!!
Hudson and Paul eating 'dillas!!
Paul, Chelle and Emory, Zac, Tifani, Lauren, me, Ella, and Hudson.
Zac, Tifani, and Ella
Ella really took to Zac- she even gave him a big wet one on the cheek.
me, Lauren, and Tifani