Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Trouble for Hudson

Hudson has been getting up before me in the mornings and playing before waking me up. Much to my surprise, this is how our computer looked when Hudson came and woke me up this morning. This is when those computer classes from high school pays off- I just put my fingers on the 'home' keys and hope for the best when typing. So, don't expect much blogging from us until we get an external board or get this one fixed.
Hudson did get in trouble. After some disciplining, a talk, and a timeout, we decided that Hudson wasn't allowed to watch any cartoons today. We only had a few problems with that, but they were short lived.
Once Paul got home, Hudson took Paul the bag of keys and said, "Sorry Daddy!!" Priceless!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ella's 1st Hair Cut!!

Yes, I know some of you are thinking, Ella is only 9 months old, so how in the world could you go get her hair cut. Well, as you can see in the first picture below, her hair is a little out of control. The front of her hair is so soft and lays down nicely, but the back of her hair is crazy- it is curly, frizzy, and gets knotted really easily. So with the advice of my hair dress and Paul's hair dresser, we decided to go ahead and do the first hair cut. We went to Sweet and Sassy at Northeast Mall and it was so great!! Everyone there is so friendly!! Ella did fairly well, but fussed a little bit. Her stylist, Bernice was awesome with her and even put glitter in her hair....she looked adorable!! Here are the pics!!

The crazy before hair!!

Ella not looking to sure of what is going to happen.

The first cut!!

Starting to get uncomfortable with the whole thing!!

"What do you think you are doing to me?"

Starting to get a little fussy.

Pretty Princess!!
Bernice pulled Ella's hair back into a little ponytail on top and put a cute clip in it. She looks so grown up!!

Blacklock Wedding

Tonight we called the babysitter and spent the evening out. It was a good family friends wedding and we got to get dressed up for a night out without the kids!! Blacklock family, we are so happy for you and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!! We had lots of fun!!
Paul & I before the wedding....look at my skinny husband who has lost 15 pounds- I am so proud of him!! The Dean/Hosni family. Today is Mom & Dad's 39th wedding anniversary- how romantic that they got to spend it with everyone- (Dad- at least you took Mom out for a nice candlelit dinner) Happy Anniversary!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh No Mango!!!

We took Ella to the doctor today. She is covered from her face all down her trunk with a rash, so we went to see Dr. Arca. She immediately diagnosed her with an allergic reaction to something. I tried to think of any thing new I had given her and I couldn't come up with anything. Then I talked to Paul, and he told me he had given her mangos on Wednesday evening and the rash showed up on Thursday. So, Ella is officially allergic to mangos. I hope that we don't have a lot of food allergies, but we will have to talk to Dr. Arca about it.
I also went to the doctor today. I have a few moles I wanted the doctor to look at. Dr. King said they are nothing to worry about. But, I am still going to have them removed sometime in September.
We will keep you posted on all of our health issues!!
I do have a cute Hudson story to tell before I sign off. When we left the house today, I was talking with my mom and Hudson kept asking me, "Mommy, where's Daddy's car?" over and over. Since I wasn't answering him, he finally said, "Mommy, listen to me!!! Where is Daddy's car?" It was hilarious!! I really don't know where he gets it from. I guess it also means I should listen to my son more. I will work on that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Header Update

This is the header I created on but I can't seem to get it big on the top of the page. But I wanted to share it with you guys. I am still working on it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have attempted to make a new header for us, but we will see if it works. I don't like the layout of it. I am trying to do one for free....but I may have to breakdown and pay for a cute one. I did this one on It is a fun site to create digital scrapbooks. We will see what else I can do!! Check back in a few days and see what we decided to do.

Well, I took down the above mentioned header.....I will see if I can work on it a bit and see what happens. Stay tuned and see what happens!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation in The Woodlands

This weekend we ventured down to The Woodlands for a vacation with my parents. We stayed at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. It was great!! I will tell you about our trip through our pictures!!

There were 4 swimming pools on the property: 1 in the back that was more for adults, 1 was a toddler pool where we spent our time on Friday afternoon, 1 was the big pool where we spent Saturday afternoon and evening- it has a volleyball net and basketball goal set up at all times and a huge slide, the last pool was on the other side of the property.

Here is Hudson playing in the splash park.
Our family at dinner on Friday night at Paul's favorite place to eat- which is only in the Houston area- Guadalajara.

Saturday Mom and I took the kids to the mall while Dad and Paul played their 2nd round of golf.

At the mall we played in the playscape area, shopped a little, Hudson built 'Woody' a puppy at Build-A-Bear, and at yummy food at The Cheesecake Factory. The boys came over on The Woodlands Resort Escalade to join us for lunch.
Hudson was able to go to the Children's Museum with Paul while Mom and I shopped. Hudson enjoyed the train table.
And LOVED the digging area.
On Saturday evening, we hung out by the pool and ate dinner. Ella wasn't crazy about the idea!!
At dusk, they brought around glow sticks and necklaces. EVERYONE enjoyed them. They show a movie every Friday and Saturday evenings during the summer- Saturday night, they were showing Cars- Hudson's favorite movie. It was great!! Ella and Hudson didn't last the whole movie, but we did enjoy it!!

On Sunday, ate a big breakfast at the buffet and then walked around at the resort- the pro-shop and the golf course.

Three of my favorite boys!!
On our way back to the room, these two ducks started following us....we didn't have any bread, but we had goldfish. The ducks were so hungry that they ate right out of Hudson's hand. After our food was gone, Hudson told the ducks, "Go get in the water, Ducks!!"

Hudson & Ella playing in the fountain.

I LOVE this picture!!!
On our way home, we got to stop by and see my Papaw Willingham. Ella was so sweet with him.
Ella was so tired, she slept most of the way home.
My precious boy did so well on the long trip.
We had such a great time on the 1st annual trip to The Woodlands- hopefully we can go back again next year with the whole family!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Afternoon

Here is our afternoon today:

Ella wakes up from her nap.
Hudson wakes up from his nap.

Ella takes Hudson's paci.
Hudson smacks Ella in the face.

Hudson crawls to the play room.
Ella follows.

I know this is just the beginning of what ever the older brother does, the little sister follows. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I forgot to add this story to our 4th of July festivities. Ella didn't sleep very well on Friday night. She woke up around 1:30, mom handed her off to me around 2:00, I handed her off to Paul around 3:00, and Paul drove around with her from 4:00-6:00. At 6:00, he returned to the house and they both just slept in the car for an hour. When they came back in, he handed her back to me. Luck for me, Ryan, Dad, Mamaw, & Papaw were up around 7:30- so I handed her off and went back to bed. Well, she took a few naps on Saturday and slept great Saturday night. On Sunday mornings I go into her room and usually I wake her up just by picking out her outfit from her closet. She didn't move at all when I went in her room. It was so cute!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hanging out in Enon

On Saturday before we left, we went and had dinner at Aunt Leanne's and Uncle Stephen's house. They live out in the country- my uncle is a dairy farmer. Their place is so nice and it felt great outside. After dinner, the all went outside to play with the dogs, pet the horses, ride the four wheeler, and set off more fireworks.
Jennifer and Ryan with a beautiful setting!! Mom, Ella, & Maddie on the swing.
Hudson playing around with Papaw and Mamaw.
Uncle Stephen brought all the horses up for us to see and pet.
Hudson was afraid of the horses, but he came around.
Ella enjoyed the horses and the horses enjoyed her milk smelling hands.
The family enjoying being outside.
Jen, Ella, & Madison
We shot off more fireworks and then lit all the sparklers.
Before we left, Aunt LeAnn took us for a ride on the four-wheeler. Can you believe all four of us fit?!?!

Family Fun in Gilmer

While in Gilmer, we went to lunch at Swanner's a burger joint we always stop at for a good ole burger. They are so good!! This is most of the family (Jen's taking the pic) at Swanners. Hudson enjoying chocolate cake for dessert.
Auntie Jen with Ella & me with Hudson.
After lunch at Swanner's we headed out to the Gilmer airport. Our Uncle Steve runs a museum and has lots of old jet fighters and planes. It is really neat. On this particular day, he and a few of his buddies met up to do a photo and write up in a local paper. They fly in airshows with their historic planes.

Paul, Steve, Hudson, Dad, Ryan, & Papaw
Uncle Steve has a grandson and Ella enjoyed playing in his airplane...
... and his John Deer jeep. Hudson wanted to make sure Ella was buckled in next to him. It was so precious!!
On our way back to the house, we stopped by the Farmer's Market to get some fresh goodies!!

My 4th of July baby girl!!
Nana & Ella
Ella & Matt- my cousin
There is a story behind this picture....Thad and Lacy are expecting in January. Thad is not very baby savvy....I am not sure he has even held a baby. So, we took Ella over and kind of didn't give him a choice. Lacy was holding her and she just kept crawling over to Thad. So, in a way, we started it, but Ella seemed like she was in on it to by crawling all over Thad. It was really cute and I know Thad and Lacy will be such great parents!!