Monday, April 4, 2011

Living Room Redo

The weekend of the Super Bowl, Paul decided to start a remodel in our living room. Keep in mind, we were having a Super Bowl party at our house with our new SS class. We moved out the entertainment center and some wonderful friends helped us build shelves. At 9:00 the night before the party- we had a guy over here mounting the tv over the fireplace. It was craziness!! Well, over the next month, we finished out the shelves, painted the room (with help from the Eisenhours), added drapes, and decorated the room. So without further is the before picture (I know, its from Christmas, but it was the only view I had of the fireplace and front of our living room New Shelves and decorations!!!

New paint and TV mounted on the fireplace.
I learned that you need to off center things (no symmetrical stuff).
New curtains and greenary.
so homey!!!
warm and cozy!!
Our house feels so warm and homey now!! I love the end result!!!

Thanks to all of our friends who help make our house look so amazing!!