Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4

Okay, Old Man Winter has hit again with just a few inches of snow on top of a few inches of ice. We were glad Paul made it home safely Wednesday night- it only took him an hour and a half to do the normally 45 minute drive from the airport. On Thursday morning cabin fever was setting in for me and the kids, so Paul navigated as we ventured out to Kroger....our neighborhood was crazy icy, but once we got to the highway, it was fine. We restocked the pantry with snacks and got stuff for me to make my first Pioneer Woman recipe- Chicken Spaghetti. Ella and I baked a cake and then I made us dinner- it actually wasn't bad.
Ella ready to back a cake.Ready for the oven!!

Helping Mommy break up the spaghetti.

Ready to ice the cake!!

The icing is yummy!!

Friday morning, we decided to play out in the freshly fallen snow!! It was beautiful!! Ella and Hudson wanted to shovel the snow off our cars. I tried to get them to do snow angles or even build a snowman, but they just wanted to 'clean off' our cars.
Our snow covered house.

Cleaning the snow off Daddy's car.

Daddy even helped 'clean off' the cars!!
Ella bundled up and shoveling the snow

Going to visit Juanita.
Hudson trying to catch snowflakes.....

...when that didn't work, he opted for licking the snow off his gloves.

Hopefully tomorrow it will start to defrost!! On a bright note, we only have to make up 2 of our snow days!!! YEAH!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day ~ February 2011

Last night as I went to bed, I heard the winter winds whipping up outside. Old Man Winter blew in a doozie of a storm. Northwest ISD stated it was closing Tuesday on the evening news, so even if Arlington was open, I knew it would be a snow day at our house!! Luck for me, I didn't have to use a sick day- Arlington called it as did most North Texas schools. Now, since we live in Texas and hardly ever see ice and snow- everything shuts down!! But it is a great day to stay at home to get things done that I can't do on a regular day!! But, we also have to take advantage of this rare phenomenon we call snow!!! So, I bundled up the kids (each with a shirt, sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pants, 1 hat, but 2 hoods, and gloves) and we headed outside in the -2 windchilled weather!! Hudson lasted all of about 3 minutes- his legs were stinging (I think he got some ice down his pants when he went down the slide), but Ella held out for about 10 minutes.
Bundled up and ready to go.
I would say a couple of inches of pretty.

The playset was a little icy.

Hudson trying to start a snowball fight- the snow was just so powdery, it was hard to pack it into a snowball.

Attempting to slide (we only did 1)

Ella LOVED it!!

She was just throwing the snow in the air for a good 3 minutes!! Too cute!!

Out front, the wind was killer, so we didn't last long.

Our snowy street
Our snowy house!!