Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We went to Nacogdoches for Memorial weekend. My cousins Lesa & Mitch live there with their 2 girls, Mallory and Madison. They have a beautiful house with an amazing backyard. It was so fun and relaxing!! It was nice to get away from the stress of day to day life and the end of school. We had a fish-fry on Saturday night, a cook out with the family from Gilmer on Sunday, and did lots of swimming all weekend long. This was Ella's first time to go swimming and she loved it. She kicked like crazy....I think Hudson needs to take a few lessons from her. Hudson didn't like it as much, but he did have a good time in the pool. I was also introduced to the Wii- I had never played one before- it was a lot of fun. I told Paul we needed to get one. Hudson even played a little and chime in with an "Aw man", when someone didn't do well. It was hilarious!! Here are a 'few' pictures from our weekend.
Ella & Madison playing in the pool. Hudson & Mallory playing in the pool.
I didn't like my turtle at first, but once I had toys to play with, I was a happy little girl.
Don't you think I could do a coppertone commercial?
My little sun-baby (Thanks Papa for the swimmin' suit and hat)

Ella & Mamaw
Hudson relaxing on the porch.
Mamaw & Ella
Papaw & Hudson hanging out....I think they are both tired.
Lacy & Thad- they are expecting in January- Congrats guys!!
Hudson playing with Papaw's cane & hat.
Mamaw & Papaw with all 4 'Greats'
Ella & Lesa- thanks for letting us come visit!!
Hudson ready to go on the scooters.

Happy Birthday Jen!!

Last Sunday (yes, over a week ago) we celebrated Jennifer's birthday. She is such a wonderful sister in law. I really consider Jen one of my greatest friends, not just a sister in law. Jen, I hope you had a fun day with the family and we love you!! I also can't wait to see you new purse :)The boys cookin'
Kids with Auntie Jen & Uncle Ron.
Kids with Nana & Papa.
Family pics in the backyard.
Playin' in the backyard on my tricycle.
Ella was playing on the floor with Auntie Jen.
Hudson decided he wanted to take a nap with everyone in the living room. He really wanted all the lights out, but refused to go back to his room to take a nap. It was so funny.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay was in town and Paul was able to go. He got to visit with Bobby and get a Bobby Flay grilling book autographed. It was lots of fun. I wish I could have gone with him, but I had to work. We are faithful watchers of Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
Here is Bobby autographing Paul's book. Here is the posed pic with Paul & Bobby Flay
This is a funny story with Randy and Staci. Randy and Staci are Jen's brother and sister in law. They are expecting a baby girl in September. They were not going to share the baby's name until she was born. (You know how people are....very open about how they feel about your baby's name when you are pregnant.) After they had their book autographed by Bobby, they realized they didn't get the baby's name in it. Paul told them to just go back to the publicist and ask her if Bobby could just add the baby's name. They were both hesitant about it. Paul said he would do it, but they would have to tell him the baby's name. At this point, no one but Randy & Staci know the name. So, they share the name with Paul and he gets the book signed with the baby's name. They shared the book with their families on Mother's Day and let everyone know that Allegra Nicole Hollar will be joining us in September. I am sure this is a story they will share with Ally,Allie, Alle (short for Allegra...spelling yet to be determined) in the future!!
Bobby Flay, Staci & Allegra, Randy

Happy 'Birth'day, Derek!!

We want to welcom Derek Eisenhour to the world. (his middle name is Allen/Alan, but I am not sure how they are going to spell it: Allen or Alan) Our wonderful friends Amanda & Troy had their 2nd sweet baby boy Friday, May 16th at 10:18 am. He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. He has lots of hair and beautiful blue eyes. Congratulations Amanda, Troy, & new big bro Dylan!!
This is his door hanger we made for the hospital. I have a lot of fun making these!! Derek has a safari themed room, hence the lions.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated a wonderful Mother's Day today. We went to church this morning and our pastor shared a wonderful message about raising up the next generation and making sure we teach our children the ways of the Lord. It was amazing!! He also honored all the women at church today. It was so nice!! We took some pics today in honor of Mother's Day!!
Ella sitting pretty in her beautiful dress!! (Thanks Daddy for buying it for me!!)
Mommy & Ella enjoying the lake.
We tried to get a pic with all 3 of us, but we either got a pic with Ella looking or Hudson looking...so here is the best one.
Winding down the night. Ella loves it when Hudson plays with her in her jumparoo/exersaucer. She loves him sooooo much!!
I couldn't resist taking this pic. We were putting Hudson to bed and saying good night prayers....Hudson likes to pray for EVERYONE!!! I just love this...Hudson and Ella are ready for bed.
We were unable to spend Mother's Day with either of our parents, so we hope they feel loved so much. We missed them today. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families and wonderful Mother's to look up to and respect. They both give me such a wonderful example of what a Mother should be. Thank you Nadia and Mom for being such amazing Mom's & Grandmothers!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to the RACES!!!

This past weekend we were able to see lots of racing!!
Ryan did the MS 150 bike race from Frisco to Fort Worth. He rode in honor of his good friend Kyle's dad. It was so amazing to see him cross the finish line. Jen planned for us (Randy- Jen's bro & Staci, & our little family)to surprise him by cheering him on at the finish line in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. We were there to cheer for him as he finished 75 miles on Sunday. I am just so proud of him. Ryan said at one point he was so tired and tempted to throw in the towel, but the thought of doing this for Kyle's dad is what kept him going. I know my brother has done so many things in his life I can be proud of him for, but I think this one is close to the top of the list.
Hudson & Paul waiting at the finish line.
Ella even was awake to cheer on her Uncle Ron!!!
Ryan is on the far left crossing the finish line!! YEAH RYAN!!!
Ryan & Jen after the race!!
On Saturday, my school participated in the Hurricane Harbor Cardboard Boat Regatta. There were over 100 entries this year. The idea is to build a boat out of cardboard. There is a team from our school (2 teachers and about 12 kids) who build and race the boat. Ms. Hall & Mr. Lewis plan out the build of the boat and the theme, then the kids build, paint, & race the boat. It has become a big tradition at our school. This year's boat theme was 'KNOX YOU OUT' since my school is Veda KNOX Elementary. I took Hudson to the Regatta to see our kids race in the under 14 dolphin division. Our kids took 1st place. The other boats weren't even close to our kids!! They did an amazing job!! We are having an assembly for them in the morning at school and our new Superintendent is coming. It is a big deal!! We are so proud of our kiddos!! Congrats Blue Jays!!
Hudson, Tatyana, & Tyrone Jr.(Trina's kids)
Tyrone & Hudson walking around Hurricane Harbor.
Our boat crew during the semi finals.
Our kids in the finals- no competition!!
Ms. Hall, Mr. Lewis, & our boat crew!!

Swing Set & Basketball Goal

We were fortunate enough to gain a free swing set from some friends moving. It was fun to move. We are trying to make our backyard a little more kid friendly so Hudson can enjoy it more. Paul also wanted to get him a basketball goal to go with his new swing set. Hudson and Dylan had such a great time playing outside. It got a little chilly, so we had to come in. The Ingrams came over for some fun times too!! Now all Hudson wants to do is go outside to play. I think we will have a fun summer!!
Eisie picking up Hudson for a slam dunk!!Eisie (9months preggo) picking up Dylan for a dunk!!Daddy picking up Hudson for an, "I did it!!" dunk.Playing on the swing set with Dylan!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!

We celebrated my Dad's 60th Birthday and wanted to share some on the wonderful pics from his surprise party!!! We hope you enjoyed the party Dad!!! I love you!!