Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father's Day 2010

For Father's Day this year we went to Houston to celebrate with Gueddo!! We ate good food, went to see Toy Story 3, ate ice cream, and spent some great time with Teta and Gueddo!! Paul and I even got to slip away for some shopping while Ella and Hudson played with Teta and Gueddo at the house. We even planned a trip for the kids to go stay with Teta and Gueddo without mom and dad in July.
Here are some highlights from our trip:
Ella playing around on her sleeping bag. The Hosni Family eating dinner at Taste of Texas!!
Such AMAZING food!!

Gueddo & Ella with Teta and Hudson
Teta with her boys!!

Sibling LOVE!!!

Precious Princess Ella

Sweet little Hudson...he is growing up too fast!!

Hudson & Daddy enjoying ice cream!!

Ella Bella

Teta & Ella

Teta & Hudson
My little beauty queen with ice cream all over her face :)



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swing Set and Such...

We found a deal on CraigsList for this AMAZING swingset, but it needed a bit of work. Daddy enlisted a lot of guys to help move it to our backyard. Then Mr. Troy came to help fix some boards and attach the tube and slide. After they finished that, we started staining it....which took a long time- we will finish staining it when it gets cooler.
Here are some pics from our new swingset....
The Two Towers Daddy and Mr. Troy working hard...

I did spend an afternoon cleaning the slide and tube....

The tube and swing attached and the stain started!!

The kids play while the daddy's work.

I LOVE this picture of Ella and Dylan!!!

Ms. Marvell (my teammate) gave Hudson and Ella a big coloring book...I LOVE that Ella was concentrating to much with her little tongue sticking out.

Emory came over the other day and the kids looked so cute together, I couldn't resist this pic!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hosting a Twi-Night

Well, with the premier of The Twilight Series Eclipse quickly approaching, we decided to host a Twilight/New Moon watch party to catch everyone up. I thought tonight would be the perfect night, Paul was scheduled to go to Minnesota and Mom and Dad were going to keep the kids. Well, things didn't work out like that....Paul's trip was postponed and mom got sick, but we still went ahead with our TWI-NIGHT Party!!! And it was a success!! Paul was sweet enough to take the kids (for the 2nd night in a row) to get dinner and play at a friends house.
I really wanted to go all out for our Twilight Themed Party....if I had endless funds, I would have done LOTS more, but I had a budget, so I had a plan....I researched different ideas on line and used lots of them. The girls all pitched in and helped make everything Twi-Perfect!!
When our Twi-Fans came, they were welcomed by our TWI-NIGHT sign..... ......walked by the Wall of Fame Twilight Family Photos....

.....saw the Cullen decorated dining room table....

enjoyed a few photos of our favorite Vampires and Werewolves...

Enjoyed some RED velvet TEAM EDWARD cupcakes and those 'other ones' TEAM JACOB chocolate cupcakes....

ate an Italian dinner in honor of Bella.....

watch Twilight, Played Twilight Trivia, and then watch New we are all caught up or clued in for Eclipse....

and enjoyed our Twi-Themed Decor.

Thanks girls for an AMAZING girls night. I can't wait for June 30th!!!