Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Pictures!!

After Hudson's Blast Ball Game, we came back to the house for brunch, dying Easter Eggs, and the 2nd Annual Eisenhour Easter Egg Hunt!!
Ella hanging out with Papa!! Nana and Hudson

Miles and Nana!!

Miss Priss enjoying her Easter presents!!

Princess Ella- she is a DIVA in training!!

Dixie even enjoyed our Brunch!!!

Ella ate cupcakes after she hunted eggs at the Eisenhour house!! Em and Ella- Em is wondering what in the world is wrong with Ella!!

Easter Sunday...after church.
The Hosni FamilyThe Grandkids with Nana and Papa
The Cousin's- Ella, Hudson, Miles

Sweet Miles Christopher!!
Brother and Sister Love!!

Happy Easter- Hudson's face cracks me up!!

This was by far my favorite picture!! How cute are they!!

We missed Teta and Gueddo this weekend, we hope to see you soon and Gueddo, feel better!!


Friday Morning- Blast Ball Game 2

Hudson had his 2nd Blast Ball this weekend. Nana, Papa, Auntie Jen, Uncle Ron, and Cousin Miles came to Hudson's game- he was soooo excited!!
Fist bump after his first bat!! Uncle Ron & Miles watching Hudson....

Miles having a great time!!!

Mommy made Ella & some other Mommy shirts- go Express!!

Too cute!!
Another successful Express Game!!

Hudson's 4th Birthday

Yes, you read that correctly, Happy 4th Birthday!!! With such a busy Christmas, we didn't get to throw a proper party for Hudson. We found out that Disney on Ice was coming to town, so we gathered a few of our closest friends and their mommy's and went to Disney on Ice. We had a blast!!
It seems Disney knew it was Hudson's birthday...hahaha!! We had a picnic on the floor with some of our friends before we left.
Ella playing at the 'party'
Hudson with his amazing Jen Fisher cupcakes!!
Hudson enjoying his cupcake!!
Ella enjoying the cupcakes.
JD, Dylan, Bailey, Kaycie, Hudson, & Gunner- Addie joined us a bit later!!

Buzz Lightyear to the RESCUE!!!! He came out at the end!! The kids LOVED it!!

Thanks friends for making Hudson's belated birthday a blast!!