Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Lunch

One Sunday afternoon we went to lunch at the Crownover's house with the Lasiter family and the Leider family. This was our attempt at getting a group pic of the kids around nap time....can you see the success? The little ones: Ella, Emory, Lincoln
The big kids: JD, Hudson, & Allison
The Mommies: April, Amanda, Marci, & Jill
We always have fun when the Leiders are in town. And we are so sad when they have to leave, but we always look forward to our next visit with them!!
Miss you guys!!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated JD's 3rd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. It was so much fun!! We ate pizza and played hard!! Ella's Bob the Builder Hat with a bow.
Can we build it? Yes, we can!!
Hudson the Builder.
Dylan the Builder
Ella is ready for some pizza!!
Hudson enjoying a little ski-ball with Daddy.

Yummy cupcakes!!
After JD's party, we got to spend some time at Jill & Jeff's house playing!! Thanks Em for sharing your toys and room!!
Hudson and Allison had a ton of fun chasing each other!!
Jill & Emory- thanks for having us over....we had so much fun!!

Rock The 80's

Ella is rocking her 80's look.....I love it!!

Ready to Sell

I know we have posted in a long here is what we have been up to. We put our house on the market!! We will see what happens. Please be praying for us as we sell our house and look for a new house. We are excited and feel that this is really what we need to be doing. We will keep you posted on the status of everything!!
Here are a few pics of our house.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today is GRANDPARENTS Day....yes, many of you believe that this holiday is just yet another Hallmark holiday, but I think it is great day to celebrate family and GRANDPARENTS. We did call my grandparents and Sam & Nadia to wished them a happy day. We were able to spend Grandparents Day with my parents. They came to our church and then we spent the afternoon in the Stockyards. It was a lot of fun!! We started with lunch at The Love Shack.......ever heard of Chef Tim Love? He is a native Fort Worthian and is an amazing chef. He owns 2 places in the Stockyards and we enjoyed some good eatin' from his burgers and shakes place.
After lunch, we shopped around a bit and mom & dad were able to get a few Christmas presents out of the way. In the Stockyards, they were having an old timers car was fun to walk around and see all the fun cars....I think it took Dad on a trip down memory lane to high school. We made it a point to be at Stockyard Station when the train pulled in from Grapevine. We were able to see the vintage train engine in the turn around. Hudson was so excited and loved it!
Here are a few pics to commemorate GRANDPARENTS Day!! Ella enjoyed french fries and a shake for lunch...the little girl can put it away!!

Ella & Papa
Shopping and playing around in the Stockyards!!

Hudson with Papa & Nana watching the train engine leave.
The turn around.
Hudson eagerly watching the train with Nana, Papa, & Ella.
Bye, bye TRAIN!!
Our family pic!!

Nana with the Grandkids.
Mommy & Hudson seeing the train!!
Isn't he growing up way to fast!!
A little brother/sister pic!! I can never seem to get them to look at the camera at the same time.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful thing.....Grandparents. Our kids have 2 of the best sets of grandparents!!
Nana & Papa- thank you for everything you do for our kids....they love to see you and be around you!! You really do spoil and love them with all of your hearts!! We are blessed to have you!!! Happy Grandparents Day!!
Teta & Gueddo- we are sorry you couldn't make up this weekend to celebrate with us, but you are always in our hearts and thoughts. We also appreciate everything you do for your grandkids. They love you both so much!! We are blessed to have you too!!
Happy Grandparents Day!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Dylan!!!

This weekend was Dylan's birthday. Dylan is one of Hudson's best friends!!! We got to hang out and play at Dylan's house on Saturday afternoon/evening. It was a football themed party, so of course we all dressed the part!!!
The Eisenhour's football family.
Ella sported piggy-tails for the event!! Rah, Rah!!
Emory and Ella (future roomie???)

Do you see a Cowboys theme?
Present time!!!
Emory (6 months), Lincoln (5 months), & Ella (11 months). It is strange to think they will all be in the same grade.
I had to get a pick of Ella's bloomers from April.....they are just too precious!!

Little Lincoln!!
Jackson who is about to be a big bro!!
Emory and Jill- her momma!! Aren't they cute Baylor gals?!?!
Eisie & Baby Derek!!
Hudson and Dylan in their Romo jerseys playing with Dylan's new CARS toys!!
Dylan, we hope you had a wonderful birthday!! We can't wait to see you grow each year!! I know you and Hudson will be great friends for years to come!!

First Day of School

Last week Hudson and Mommy started their first days of school. Mommy's was a little rough, only 4 office referrals and 3 suspensions- 2 of which were the same kid (he was on at school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and won't be returning until Wednesday). Needless to say, it is going to be an interesting year for Mommy.
Hudson start school at my parent's church. He is only going two days a week. Here he is on his first day. He was very concerned about his lunch and making sure it got to his class. He was a little timid at first, but Daddy called during the day and they said he was doing great!!
Here are some cute pics from the first day!!
Mrs. Gerber his teacher....he was showing her his lunch.
Thinking about going to play with the other kids....notice, still holding his lunch.
After his first day, we went and celebrated with dinner with Nana & Papa. Ella has started posing for her is hilarious!!
After many attempts, I finally got one with her eyes open!!
Also, our first attempt at a ponytail!!!
Hudson, Nana & Papa at dinner.
Happy first day of school Hudson!!! I know you are going to have so much fun and learn lots this year!!