Monday, July 16, 2012

A Year in Review

As I was looking at our blog today, I noticed that it has been almost 1 year since I have done an update, and I also noticed that there are a few of you who are still checking back to see if I ever posted anything.  Well, I have some pics I am posting in random order which will be a review of our past year.  

Hudson played football and Paul coached!!
We got CRAFTY!!

We spent time with Teta and Gueddo

We went to the 2011 Yamboree and can't wait to celebrate this year since a BU friends niece is the Yam Queen!!

We took family pics!!

Spent time with friends who we have know since we were born!!

Spent time with Nana and Papa with BU Season Football Tickets!!

More family Pics!!

Trick or Treating with more friends!!  Ella was a Ladybug and Hudson was an Aviator!!

Yes, there was even a Twilight Breaking Dawn night- no 12 hour lines this time!!

More family pics.


10 year Anniversary with the LOVE of my life!!

The tooth fairy has been to our house 5 times this year!!

Mommy got Teacher of the Year at school.

more family pics

Last Day as a Kindergartener!!  Tear.

My model Ella- so grown up!!

Waterpark time this summer along with movies and lots of other fun things!!

Daddy went on a mission trip with church for 5 days- we were so excited when he got home!!

I hope you enjoyed our year in review and I don't plan on letting it go this long ever again!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

American Girl Store

This week each of the kids had their mommy and me day!! On Monday, Ella went to Brandi's and Hudson and I spent the day together!! We got ready and went to Bailey's birthday party- we ate lunch in the park and then went to see Cars 2- only Hudson's 3rd time to see it!! Then we went to Blue Cherry to eat some yummy fro yo!! I didn't get any pics of Hudson's day, but when I get some from Bailey's mom, I will post them,.
Then on Tuesday, Hudson went to Brandi's and Ella, Nana, and I headed to Dallas to the American Girl store, eat lunch at the AG Bistro and see Daddy at his office. Ella picked out Gracie's outfit and her own outfit!! She did a good job. We had such a fun day!!
Ella and Nana ready to shop!!
Ella and Gracie
Ella and Kanani- The Girl of the Year
Sweet Ella Bella
Yummy food at the AG bistro
Nana and Ella enjoying their dessert.
Ella and Gracie after Gracie went to the AG Salon.
Mommy, Ella, and Nana
Gracie got a new outfit and there might be a new AG doll under the tree for Christmas from Nana!!
Mommy, Ella, and Gracie- leaving the AG store and headed to Daddy's office to say hi!!
A fun girls day with my favorite girl!!

Sic 'Em Bears Reunion Summer 2011

Last weekend we had our annual Baylor Reunion!! I am not sure how many times we have all gotten together in the 10 years since college, but we do it every summer and sometimes in between!! We all have so much fun together and just pick up where we left off. With kids, husbands, jobs, and life-- we don't talk as often as we would like, but that doesn't change the fact that in the past 10 years since college we are all there for one another if it is weddings, babies, or potty training!! I love these girls and their sweet hubbies for making the trip every year!! I am ready for our Girls Trip to Mexico in 2012!!
Kendall & Ella
Sweet Ella Bella & mommy
The Girls- Lauren, me, Kat, Whitney, Tifani, and Jessica
The mom's and kids!! Hilarious trying to get everyone to look at the right camera!!

4th of July

Fourth of July was a busy weekend!! We had a fun filled weekend!! We had a joint swim party with our class and the Lasiter's SS party. Sunday night we hung out with good friends eating dinner at Cracker Barrel and watched firework in Southlake- we ste in the Gateway parking lot, ate cracker jacks and had tons of fun-- the fireworks were amazing!! Monday night we went to the Eisenhour's house for dinner and fireworks put on by their neighbors. Overall it was a great weekend!!
Steph, me, and Becky
our family pic- I LOVE Hudson's face in this picture!!
Kids with silly faces!!
patriotic kids
Hudson at the swim party
Ella at the swim party
Derek, Jackson, Dylan, and Kaycie playing around and watching fireworks.
Ready for the show
Ready to slip and slide!!
Sweet Kaycie Lou Who!!
Love the water time- cute matching suits!!
A fun FOURTH!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My sweet husband got us tickets for New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys Concert last Sunday night. So, loaded up ready for a fun evening with the girls!! We ate dinner and the Livingroom in the W hotel....I felt very out of place, but it was fun!! We had super cheap seats, so we were literally on the last row of the AAC- up with the rafters!! Marci was determined to get us better seats, after 2 times of being kicked out of "our" seats, we went to the box office and ended up 2 rows from the floor- AMAZING seats!! I felt like a 12 year old girls so excited to see NKOTB!!from the back: Marci, Melodi, Kimberly, Michelle (and baby Kylie) me, and Courtney
They even came out in Mavs jerseys- how awesome is that!!
BSB- not as big a fan, but they were still good!!
NKOTB- I heart them!!
NKOTBSB all together

Ended with "Backstreet's Back" and "Hangin' Tough"
Thanks to my sweet hubs for getting us the tickets and to my amazing friend Marci who got us AMAZING seats!!