Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sic 'Em Bears Reunion Summer 2011

Last weekend we had our annual Baylor Reunion!! I am not sure how many times we have all gotten together in the 10 years since college, but we do it every summer and sometimes in between!! We all have so much fun together and just pick up where we left off. With kids, husbands, jobs, and life-- we don't talk as often as we would like, but that doesn't change the fact that in the past 10 years since college we are all there for one another if it is weddings, babies, or potty training!! I love these girls and their sweet hubbies for making the trip every year!! I am ready for our Girls Trip to Mexico in 2012!!
Kendall & Ella
Sweet Ella Bella & mommy
The Girls- Lauren, me, Kat, Whitney, Tifani, and Jessica
The mom's and kids!! Hilarious trying to get everyone to look at the right camera!!