Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009 Part II

Teta sent us her pics and we love them!! Since I posted what we did over Easter in our last post, I will just let you enjoy the pictures!!
Gueddo & Ella ready to go on an Easter Egg Hunt!!
Ella wondering if there is something good to eat inside the egg....
Teta & Ella waiting on everyone to get ready for church!!

Hudson waiting on us too!!!!

Ella enjoying a little snack before church....she know there was something good to eat in those eggs!!

Thanks Teta for sending us the precious pics!! We can't wait to see you Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ella's 18 Month Stats!!

Our precious little baby girl went for her 18 month well check last Thursday. I can't believe how big she is getting!!
Here are her stats.
Height: 31 inches- 25%
Weight: 26 lbs- 50%
She has a little growing to do, hopefully she will catch up!!

Easter 2009

Let me start this post by saying thank you to all those avid readers of our blog who so kindly remind me frequently that I need to do some updating!! :) I am so far behind, so I thought I would start back with Easter. It was such a fun weekend, I couldn't resist posting our favorite moments. I also need to state that I don't have pictures of Teta and Gueddo because all of those pictures are on Teta's camera, so Teta, if you can email those to me, I will add them to the blog. Both sets of grandparents are important to us and our children!! Both of you were here to celebrate this special day with us!!
For Easter, my mom carried on my Memaw's tradition of dying Easter eggs with the kids. My Memaw used to dye eggs with us every year in Newby...it is something that was special to me growing up and I would love that tradition to carry on. However, maybe we need to wait a few years before we try it again. Starting off things went okay....Hudson put the little tabs in the cups and then dropped in the eggs. But when it was time to take them out, he didn't want help and when Nana tried to help, the blue dye went all over the patio, Hudson, & Nana.
My Little Smurf!!! The dye stayed on his leg until the next day when I scrubbed it with a towel in the tub the next morning.

This is what we had to put on to finish our Easter eggs dying.....again, I think we will wait a few years before we try this again!!

Ella & Papa

Nana & Hudson

Just chillin' in the wagon.

Friday night, Teta and Gueddo came in town and we went to dinner and spent time at the house just playing...Teta and Gueddo hadn't seen the kids since Christmas (way too long!!) Saturday morning we spent some time shopping at the mall...again, always fun with 2 small children. Saturday afternoon Eisie held her 1st Annual Eisenhour Easter Egg Extravaganza!!! I think there we 18 kids there with all their parents and some grandparents!! In all I think there were over 50 people there!! It was so much fun!! We can't wait to hunt eggs again next year!!
Ready, Set, Hunt Eggs!!

Ella would just open the eggs and eat the goldfish.

Hudson was running all over to get the eggs!!

Enjoying some cupcakes and popcorn!!

Dylan & Kate having fun!!

Little Bunny Emory and her daddy....too cute!!
Hudson, JD, and Dylan flyin' high!!
After the Egg Hunt, we went to dinner with both sets of grandparents. Sunday everyone met for church at FBCE and enjoy a yummy lunch at Nana & Papa's house. We were sad to see Teta and Gueddo leave after lunch, we we know we will see them in a few weeks for Mother's Day!!

(he really isn't choking her, he is just hugging her)