Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

I posted some of our Christmas festivities.....more to come later!!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, we heard Hudson's door open.....then we didn't hear anything else. He is usually pretty good about coming in our room once he wakes up, but he didn't. We waited until Christmas Eve to wrap all the presents and put them under the needless to say, he was amazed by everything!! Hudson got everyone up and said, "Let's open presents!!" So we did!!
Hudson sitting in his new chair and opening his stocking!!

Ella playing with her new cell phone.

Dixie enjoying Ella's cracker crumbs.

Dixie, Dad, & Ella

Mom & Paul enjoying sausage rings!!

Merry Christmas 2008!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to the early service at our church with mom, dad, Ryan, Jen, and Jen's family. It was really neat, the whole family took The Lord's Supper after the service. It was a special to be able to it altogether. During the service, Ella only lasted about 10 minutes, Hudson lasted a little longer, but then we had to change a stinky!! We missed my favorite part of the service, lighting the candles. I saw pics and saw it on the screen. It still was a special service. After the service mom and dad came over and we ate pizza, made cookies for santa, mom made sausage rings and egg cassarole. We had fun hanging out and playing. We also watched ELF....Dad had never seen it and really enjoyed it!! The kids got new pajamas from Nana and Papa.

Ella playing under the stockings.
Ella and Hudson- I LOVE this pic....Hudson is hilarious!!My precious baby girl!!
Cookies for Santa.
Santa came to visit and left some fun goodies!!


Hanging out at Eisies!!

Last week the kids and I went and hung out at the Eisenhour's house since it was Paul's end of month for work. Eisie was so nice to feed us dinner and let us play. Here are a few pics of our evening!!
Ella and Derek hangin' out on the couch. Hudson and Dylan watching the GeoTracs DVD.

Hudson singing to Dylan.
Ella enjoyed Dylan's motorcycle.
Thanks Eisie's for letting us hang out and play (it is great now that we live so close)!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hudy's 3rd Birthday!!

Today is Hudson's 3rd Birthday!! Three years ago today, we were at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and the wonderful Dr. Monti waited all day and half of the night to welcome Hudson into this world. He was born at 11:56 pm, we started at 8 am. It was a long day, but he was worth the wait.
It is absolutely crazy how the times goes by so quickly. He looks and acts older each day. He is really getting a funny sense of humor....tonight while I was putting the cart away at Wal Mart, he told Paul, "Let's leave mommy." so funny:) We did celebrate his birthday with a CARS party. It was a blast. This year he really understood it was his party and enjoyed every minute of it!! Here are some pics from his party!!

His Lightning McQueen cake...our friend Jen made the cake- she is AMAZING!!

Kate and Hudson playing with the CARS confetti (and Paul said we didn't need confetti- that is why women plan the party :)

Ella checking out things.

Lincoln came with festive wear.

Ella really enjoyed her pizza.


Present time- Hudson got lots of fun toys, books, and PJ's. Thank you so much to everyone!!
Ella & Mommy playing in the bounce house.

Hudson playing on his new toy, his 'swooter.'
We can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!! Happy Birthday Hudson, we love you and are blessed by you each and every day!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Bump

Auntie Jen is showing off her baby bump. Jen, Ryan, and Baby D are doing well. Jen has her good days and bad days, so please pray that she gets over this sickness stuff and she can enjoy her pregnancy. We can't wait to meet Baby D on May 29th!! Trevlyn (a friend at church) is known for calling the sex of the baby. Since Ryan and Jen aren't finding out, I won't say what she is thinking, but I can say it is the same thing I am thinking!! We will just have to wait and see!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old vs New

Old house stats: 3 bedroom
2 bath
1 living area
1 dining room, made study, made playroom
quickly out growing this sweet little house!!
The new house stats: 4 bedrooms
2 baths
2 living areas
1 dining room- just for a table and nothing else :)
and a HUGE, Glorious kitchen.

Yes, we have sold our house!! It sold in about 6 weeks and we had planned on moving into my parents house, but God had other plans for us!! I told Paul to go look at houses with our wonderful realtor Brenda- since Paul is the picky one, it was easier to have him go look first. So, here is our timeline:
Tuesday- we got an offer on our house- we counter-offered
Wednesday- they counter offered- we accepted
Friday- Paul & Brenda look at houses.
Saturday- Our family of 4 went back to look a few of the houses.
Sunday- we take the parents to look at the houses.
Monday- we looked one more time and we ended up signing the paper work!!

I am not gonna go into all the details, but I know God's hand is in all of this and we are just so very excited!!!! We close the day before Thanksgiving and will be moving over Thanksgiving weekend. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunkfest- Happy Halloween

This year for Trunkfest (our church's version of trick or treating) we hosted a trunk. We decorated it with MAVS colors and had Hudson's little basketball goal out there for some interaction. We started at 5:15 with decorating and preparing for our trunk-a-treaters and finally closed it down around 8:45. It was a long night (over 10,000 people came), but tons of fun.

Paul relaxing before the crowds come!!
Ella with Amanda R.Boxer Hudson with Pretty Princess Fairy Kate Boxer Hudson with Happy Bear Dylan

Nazir & Diamond (our neighbors) ready to go see Team Impact

Maddie (also a BU cheerleader), Brittney, Ella, Amanda

Ella was so exhausted after an evening at Trunkfest!!

Pumpkin Patch 2008

It is crazy how much changes in a year. The kids have grown like weeds and luckily we haven't. We didn't do our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with our SS class this year, so we made plans to go with the Eisenhour family. The boys played and ran until they got in tired. It was fun with Ella being a little older this year. 2008 Family pic 2007 Family pic....oh how a year changes us all- remember Ella was only a few weeks old last year.

Mommas with their big boys

Papa and Nana with a walking Ella

Cowboy Hudson

Cowgirl Ella

Hudson and Dylan...funny boys!!

My little strong man

My little Pumpkin Princess

Hudson on the tractor with Papa

I got one of them together....they may not be happy, but it is a picture of our kiddos together!!
We can't wait for our Pumpkin Patch visit next year.