Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hudy's 3rd Birthday!!

Today is Hudson's 3rd Birthday!! Three years ago today, we were at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and the wonderful Dr. Monti waited all day and half of the night to welcome Hudson into this world. He was born at 11:56 pm, we started at 8 am. It was a long day, but he was worth the wait.
It is absolutely crazy how the times goes by so quickly. He looks and acts older each day. He is really getting a funny sense of humor....tonight while I was putting the cart away at Wal Mart, he told Paul, "Let's leave mommy." so funny:) We did celebrate his birthday with a CARS party. It was a blast. This year he really understood it was his party and enjoyed every minute of it!! Here are some pics from his party!!

His Lightning McQueen cake...our friend Jen made the cake- she is AMAZING!!

Kate and Hudson playing with the CARS confetti (and Paul said we didn't need confetti- that is why women plan the party :)

Ella checking out things.

Lincoln came with festive wear.

Ella really enjoyed her pizza.


Present time- Hudson got lots of fun toys, books, and PJ's. Thank you so much to everyone!!
Ella & Mommy playing in the bounce house.

Hudson playing on his new toy, his 'swooter.'
We can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!! Happy Birthday Hudson, we love you and are blessed by you each and every day!!


Amanda said...

Great Pictures!! We had so much fun at the party!

April said...

Happy B-day Hudson! Being 3 is a lot of fun! What a great Cars cake. Amanda, could you e-mail me your new address? I want to send you a Christmas card.

The Conway's said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! It looks like you had a great birthday!