Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girls Trip To Lauren's Shower

This weekend mom and I took a girls trip to Austin for Lauren's baby shower. We had a blast!! We shopped all the way down to Austin. Our first stop was Waco. We shopped til we dropped at a little store called Spice. We got some cute things there!!
After Waco, we stopped to shop in Temple and Salado. Before we hit the Round Rock outlets we checked into our hotel and ate a yummy dinner at Johnny Carinos. It was so good!!
We had tons of fun at the Round Rock outlets!! If you get a chance to go, they are the best outlet stores I have ever been to!! We shopped at Ann Taylor, Gap, and The White & Black Store!! After we were done shopping at 9:00-we went to see Get Smart- it was a cute movie. We finally got back to the hotel around midnight and then hit the sack.
On Saturday, we went to Lauren's baby shower!!! She got lots of cute stuff!! I am so excited for her and Lance!! Lauren and me
On our way home we stopped by Baylor and took a few pictures. It was a fun trip down memory lane. Both of my parents went and met at Baylor as did Paul and I. We had a great time visiting Baylor, driving around campus and strolling down memory lane!!
The Bear Pit!! Me & Mom

Catchin' Up with The Gals (and Zac)!!

Last Thursday, I was able to get together with some of my college roomies. At one point in time, I lived with each of these girls. We had a great time together when we were in college and now we are all grown up and married. Whitney has a little boy named Carter and Lauren in expecting a little girl (Kendall) in August. We met up at Northpark for a little shopping and catching up.
Whitney and Carter, me and Ella, Tifani, Lauren Tifani and Ella playing.
Lauren got a cute picture of Ella.
Ella is almost 9 months and Carter is about 6 months. Aren't they cute!!
For dinner, Paul and Hudson, Chelle Dess and her little girl Emory, and Zac met us for dinner at Chuy's. Chelle was younger than us at Baylor, but she was a good friend. Zac was one of the girls. He was always at our apartment and was even in my wedding. He has been living in Hawaii for the past few years and is now moving back. We have missed you Zac!!
Hudson and Paul eating 'dillas!!
Paul, Chelle and Emory, Zac, Tifani, Lauren, me, Ella, and Hudson.
Zac, Tifani, and Ella
Ella really took to Zac- she even gave him a big wet one on the cheek.
me, Lauren, and Tifani

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can you say SUPERMODEL?!?!

The other night after going to the park with our SS class, we went and got snow cones off of Smithfield. The people who owned the snow cone place, own a little resale shop right next door. They opened it for us so we could shop. It was great!! So, after a lot of begging, Paul finally let me buy this BIKINI for Ella. It is so precious.
There is a story about this BIKINI. Eisie's (Amanda E.) sister had been to the same resale shop just a few days before and was telling Eisie about it. Grace specifically told her about this watermelon BIKINI. So, I told Eisie that I would pass it down to Grace if she ever has a little girl. So, I tired it on Ella the other night and man did she show it off!! It was hilarious!!
Here is her first pic with her belly hanging out a little. This is her 'I am a Supermodel' pose.

Also the other day, we put Hudson's train table together- he LOVES it. He says, "All Aboard!! Chuga, Chuga, Choo Choo!!" He is so cute!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Playroom is (almost) FINISHED!!!

Yes, it is finally almost finished!! We went to IKEA on Monday night and got our new shelving system for the play room. I put the TV base together last night and the 2 side pieces together today. It took a while, but I finally got it done. I feel so good about it. All of Hudson's toys are in the left bins and Ella's toys are in the right bins. Now all we have to do is decide on a paint color and paint it. Hudson is already enjoying it so much. He doesn't like for Dixie to come in there- he tells her no and to get out. It is really funny!! Ella likes it as long as Hudson is in there. They are so cute together!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

P is for PARK

On Friday we were able to spend the evening at the Park with our SS class. It was so much fun. We all ate, played, fed the ducks, and got snowcones. Here are some of the highlights of our park outing.
Addie & Ella chatting away- they are about 2 weeks apart (but look how many teeth Addie has, maybe we can catch up sometime soon.) Ella Grace just hanging out in her stroller
Dylan & Hudson taking a break with a drink.
Fathers & Sons playing ball.
The whole crew feeding the ducks.
Dylan decided he wanted to eat the bread instead- how precious!!
Ella wasn't as excited about feeding the ducks, but she enjoyed being outside.
Huddy & JD just hanging out by the pond.

Our family.


This past weekend we took a little trip down to Newby, Texas. Most of you have no idea where Newby is. It is half way between Dallas and Houston off the Buffalo exit. My sweet grandfather was being honored with a 70 year pin for his years of service as a Free Mason. It was really neat to have the whole family there with us. Paul's parents were so wonderful to keep the kids as we celebrated with my grandfather. The kids and grandparents all had a great time!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Nights

Each night after dinner we go outside for a little family fun. By then the sun is going down and is feels really nice outside, especially since we back up to the lake. I went crazy taking pictures tonight...the kids were just too cute!!
Ella enjoying time outside!! Hudson looking for the "Quack, Quacks"
He shoots.....
...he scores!!
I love Ella's chubby, chubby legs!!
Full of giggles!!

Look mom, I got my hands dirty and I need to go wash them.
Don't I look so cool?

Playing golf.

Riding my new Lightning McQueen bicycle our neighbors gave me- thanks Naz!!
These last two pictures just show how much the kids are growing up!!

Hudson looks so serious and attentive to 'the boys' (our neighbors) playing football. He wants to join then so badly, but knows he is still a little to small. Now, Ella Grace is growing up so fast!! She is so close to crawling.....I know it will happen in the next few days. She pushes with her feet and pulls with her arms. Tonight she started to move while on her knees, but then got tired. I couldn't resist this picture with the ruffles and the precious smile.

One last story for this blog. Today Ella was saying bubba (of course in baby talk) and Hudson would say, "No Bubba!!" I asked him what he wanted to be called and he said, "Lightning McQueen." I just thought that was hilarious!! They are so precious!!

Paul and I really do feel so blessed to have 2 wonderful kids!! Don't get me wrong, we go through our rough times each day, but overall, our kids behave pretty well. I am proud to be their mama!!