Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Dedication

Today was Baby Dedication Sunday at our church. It was time to dedicate Ella Grace to the Lord. We hope that you will pray for Ella as she grows up and chooses her path. And pray for us to lead her in the ways of the Lord.
Ella looked absolutely beautiful. She wore a little cream dress with little pink sweater, a pink bow, and a precious pair of little cream slippers. She looked adorable. There were 16 children dedicated in our service and 6 or so in the first service. It is really amazing to see all of God's little miracles.
Paul, Ella, & Amanda before everything started..Presenting...... Ella Grace Hosni with PROUD parents, Amanda & Paul.
Ryan recently got a new camera and we have really enjoyed the benefits of it. This is by far my favorite family picture we have ever taken. I love it!!
The Dean/Hosni Family after lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Paul isn't going to like that I put this picture up, but I couldn't resist. Hudson was playing with my necklace and Ella's bow at was so funny and he looks so cute!!
We were sad that Paul's parents couldn't make it up for Baby Dedication....we missed you guys!! We know we were in their thoughts and they were in ours on this special day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary & Easter

Paul and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on March 16th. Can you believe it!?!?! It has been 6 years. I have the most wonderful husband who is also a wonderful father. My husband took me to an amazing dinner at Texas de Brazil. It was so good!! We had a fun, relaxing evening!! HAPPY EASTER (or as Hudson says, Happy E..ter)
The Easter Bunny came to visit and Hudson was so excited!!
His Easter basket was outside his door. There was a sippy cup in his basket with Easter eggs. The Easter eggs had hot wheels in them. Hudson had a blast!!

At church, I got to play with my friends Dylan & Kate!!

Ella looked so cute with her little Easter dress and little pink bow in her hair.
Isn't she beautiful!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

We took advantage of the nice weather and spent the day at the zoo. Hudson loved it!! He really liked looking all the animals and was a little frightened of some of the animals. The white tiger turned around pretty quickly behind the barrier and Hudson let out a scared him a little bit. Then we stopped by to see the Gorilla. The Gorilla was sitting facing away from us and every few seconds it would cut its eyes over and look at Hudson. It really scared Hudson a lot. He didn't cry, but he put his head on my shoulder and just wanted to get out of there. I think his favorite part were the monkeys. They were chasing each other was hilarious. The bears were playing too. He really liked the active animals. But his favorite part of the zoo was the Choo-Choo Train!!! We got the all day pass so we could ride it a few times. The first 2 times, he was awake. The last time, my mom & Hudson were going to ride it back to the front of the zoo while Ella and I walked is too hard to put the double stroller on the have to take everything out and it isn't very fun, so we walked. Anyways, Hudson and my mom had to wait about 10 minutes in line for the train to come back. Hudson fell asleep while waiting on the train and missed the whole last ride. I guess we wore him out. But I know he had a great time. Hudson and Ella just loved being outside on such a beautiful day. Ella was perfect the whole time and she didn't cry at all until it was time to eat. Overall, it was a wonderful day at the zoo
"Look Mom, the elephants!!" It's a Baylor Bear!!
We got to ride the Choo-Choo Train 3 times!!! I think this was Hudson's favorite part of the trip.

Ella and Hudson in the stage coach in the Texas area of the zoo.
Aren't they precious!!

More Baylor Bears
Ella enjoying the nice weather and her toes.
I think we wore her out on her first trip to the zoo.

Goodtimes in Gilmer

The week leading up to Spring Break was pretty good. We had testing at school and pretty calm nights. We did have open house on Thursday night. We didn't have a large number of parents come, but we had plenty of former students come to visit. It was really fun to see all of them and catch up on what they are doing. Then on Friday, Hudson, Ella, & I headed to Gilmer with my parents. Paul stayed home and worked on things around the house and Federated work since it is his end of month. Friday night, we just spent time with my grandparents and little cousins (Mallory & Madison). Hudson had a great time playing with them. They are such good babysitters. Saturday mom and I went and got a pedicure. Linda, the nail lady, is so sweet and we really enjoyed talking to her. When we got back to Mamaw's house, Hudson wanted to pick some flowers for Mamaw, mom and me. It was so sweet and it was beautiful outside. After picking flowers, we went and ate lunch at Swanner's....great burgers. We got to see Lacy & Thad (our cousin who got married last summer) and Aunt Jerry. Then it was off to the mall. We had a good time finding dresses and clothes for everyone. We went to eat dinner at Tele's and it was so good. We brainstormed some trips this summer. Last summer we went to Beaver's Bend in Oklahoma...this year we have thrown around some different ideas: Mexico, a cruise, or a train trip to Chicago. My vote was Mexico or a cruise. I didn't like the idea of a train trip with 2 small children. I don't think that is one they would do. We will see what will happen. That night we went back to Mamaw & Papaw's to play dominoes. It was so fun and my team won!! Sunday we ate lunch at the Gilmer Country Club. One last time to visit with everyone before heading home to see Daddy. We had a great time and here our some of my favorite pics from the weekend:

Hudson playing in the yard... picking flowers.

Playing with the blocks mommy used to play with when she was little.Ella hanging out under the play gym.Cowboy HudsonMamaw with Ella GraceMamaw & Papaw with their Great Grand-kidsHudson playing with his new choo choo train Nana bought him.

Fun with Teta and Gueddo

We had a great weekend last weekend with Teta & Gueddo. Teta had been in Egypt for a whole month and they had not seen the kids. First, Hudson got to spend some time with Teta and Gueddo at the hotel while we took Ella to the doctor. She once again had an ear infection....just one ear this time. The second ear infection in 3 weeks. We go back for a check up this Thursday. After the doctor's appointment, we went for a yummy dinner at Pappadeaux. We got to visit and hear about Teta's trip. It was fun. After dinner, Teta and Gueddo were tired from their trip and decided to call it a night. I dropped off Daddy and Hudson at Target to get Ella's prescription filled and pick up a few things for the house. Meanwhile, Ella and I went to Joanna's to pick up some crafty things for a new little hobby I have picked up. My friend Marci made me a door hanger for Ella for the hospital. We ended up putting it over our bed. So, I made one for her and for our friend Adriane. They are so cute and I enjoy making them.

Here is the one I made for Drew, Adriane's little boy.Anyways, to get on with our weekend. Saturday we got up and and went shopping. We had lots of things to get done. Paul and his dad did his parent's taxes. And Nadia and I went to Hobby Lobby and Joanna's again. We ate a yummy dinner at Papasito's that night.
Once we got back to the house, Nadia and I took pics of her scarves she makes. I am working on a website for her to sell her scarves. Once I get it up and running, I will let you guys know. She makes some beautiful scarves. We had a really fun weekend with them. I just wish we took some pics of Teta and Gueddo with us and the kids, but we didn't. Next time we will take plenty of pics.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Funny Huddy Stories

This week Hudson has been full of funny stories. I just thought I would share a few.
1- Tuesday night, Dad and I went to eat (Paul was out of town & mom was counseling). Hudson was acting up a little and my Dad was trying to get him to behave. Dad turned to look at Hudson and they ended up in a stare off. Hudson finally looked away. It was just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. Dad was trying to stand strong and not laugh, but it was so funny!!
2- We were driving when it was raining really hard the other day and Hudson just loved it!!! He kept saying,"RAIN, RAIN!!! I love you RAIN!!!" It was so funny. He did the same thing when it snowed this week.
3- This is a really sweet story. We were driving home the other night and I heard a song that made me think about Memaw and how Hudson didn't get to know her very well. I teared up a bit, and Hudson just softly said, "Mommy, I love you" as I was getting him out of the car and he gave me a big hug. It was just so precious!!

I love my Huddy and his funny sense of humor. He is so loving and sweet. I just can't believe how big he is getting!! We are learning new things about his personality every day!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy 5 Months

Ella Grace is 5 months old today...the time flies by so fast. She is growing and finding her voice more and more every day.
Here are 5 things about Ella Grace for her 5 months on this Earth.....
1. She loves her blankets. Any blanket you put on her, she tugs and plays with it.
2. As I said above, she has found her voice. She loves to 'yell' and squeal out loud...she hasn't learned about an inside voice yet.
3. Ella loves her brother. Anytime Hudson is around he makes her smile and laugh. Tonight they held hands as Hudson said his bedtime prayers.
4. She really loves to eat (even if she doesn't want to hold her own bottle out of sheer laziness). She still eats about every 3-4 hours. And she eats about 8 oz. every time. In the morning and at bedtime, she has rice cereal.
5. Ella is a wonderful baby. She sleeps all night, usually until 7 or 8 in the is wonderful!! She is pretty laid back for the most part. She only cries when she is sleepy and when she is hungry.
Paul and I have been very blessed to have 2 wonderful children who have been so easy going. Happy 5 month birthday Ella Grace!!! We love you so much!!
Mom, Dad, & Hudson

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy 'Birth'day, Emory!!

Our precious friends Jill & Jeff had baby Emory at 3:50 PM on March 2, 2008. She weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. Ella is so excited to have a new play mate!! Congratulations Jill & Jeff!!!