Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth 2010

This year for the 4th of July, we hosted a BBQ at our house. Paul smoked brisket, sausage, and chicken....everyone else brought the fixins and dessert. It was sooo yummy. The kids has a blast playing and the adults had fun just visiting with each other. It seems to get a little easier each time with the kids getting older and a little more independent. Here are some of my favorite pics from the evening!!
We fit 10 kids around the table!! That was a first!!

Zachary, Gunner, Derek, Kaycie, Tyler, Hudson, Jackson, Dylan, Ella, & Luke
Our girls are way out numbered!!

in this one we added Emory in the chair!!

Hud & Ella

Ella and her Derek

Kaycie, Derek and Ella

Ella loves her Derek

Getting ready to watch fireworks

Precious Ella Bella

Pirate Dylan
Our set up for the fireworks- thanks Cabela's parking lot

Hudson in his too cool green 3D glasses!!

Momma & Ella

Daddy & Ella

Ella enjoying the sparklers- she only burned her fingers twice.

Hudson & Ella with their 4th of July Sparklers (thanks Ms. Amanda & Mr. Troy for the fireworks)
Handsome Hudson

Potty Break

Ella was so tired at the end of the night....she just curled up in the chair and didn't want to be bothered. When we got home, she asked to go to bed.

We saw about 5 different sets of fireworks from the Cabela's parking lot. It was fun to hang out with friends, watch the kids play, and see fireworks.