Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We have had a busy Spring Break and it is only Wednesday!! We started off Spring Break by leaving Friday for Newby. We cleaned up, cleaned out, and tagged things for a big estate sale in Newby. We had a great time reliving old memories!! Pray for a good Estate Sale and a quick sale on the house and land.
We came home on Saturday night, then packed up and headed out for Gilmer to visit Mamaw and Papaw Dean!! We had a great time getting to see the family- Hudson and Ella especially had a good time seeing Callie!! They played hard and had a blast together!! We stayed in Gilmer until Tuesday and then took the scenic route home, stopping in Mineloa. We did make it back in time for dinner with Papaw and then to TBall practice.
One of the ladies helping take care of Papaw brought over a Princess kit for the little girls.... Ella and Callie had fun playing princess and Hudson helped them accessorize.
Wednesday we got up and went bowling!! Hudson has been begging to go bowling for a while, so what better time than Spring Break. We had a good time in our friends, The Cotten's. They had a blast, Hudson even cried when we left because he wanted to play a longer. I told him we would go back with Daddy. After bowling, we ate lunch at The Chik and then headed to Grapevine Mills to get some bday presents.Getting ready to bowl!!SCORE!!!Yep, we bowl Granny style!!Waiting......hopefully we will knock some down!!YES!! I GOT 1!!
We made one last stop at Mrs. Megan's bakery (Legacy Cakes in Grapevine) to pick up some cupcakes our 9 year wedding anniversary. Paul got home and surprised me with beautiful flowers and our wedding VHS video put onto a DVD- so sweet!!! Tonight, we will spend the evening at home with our kids celebrating our 9 year anniversary. I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man for 9 wonderful years!!
Gerber Daisies- my favorite!!

Maybe I can get him to watch it later!!