Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My sweet husband got us tickets for New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys Concert last Sunday night. So, loaded up ready for a fun evening with the girls!! We ate dinner and the Livingroom in the W hotel....I felt very out of place, but it was fun!! We had super cheap seats, so we were literally on the last row of the AAC- up with the rafters!! Marci was determined to get us better seats, after 2 times of being kicked out of "our" seats, we went to the box office and ended up 2 rows from the floor- AMAZING seats!! I felt like a 12 year old girls so excited to see NKOTB!!from the back: Marci, Melodi, Kimberly, Michelle (and baby Kylie) me, and Courtney
They even came out in Mavs jerseys- how awesome is that!!
BSB- not as big a fan, but they were still good!!
NKOTB- I heart them!!
NKOTBSB all together

Ended with "Backstreet's Back" and "Hangin' Tough"
Thanks to my sweet hubs for getting us the tickets and to my amazing friend Marci who got us AMAZING seats!!