Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Last Weekend

Well, we just had our last weekend as a 3 person family. We had lots of fun. Friday, my mom and I worked in Ella's room putting shelf paper in the dresser drawers and then filling it with bibs, burp clothes, blankets, and tons of cute socks and bows. I am so happy with the way her nursery turned out. The last few finishing touches are the mirror over her dresser, her name over her bed, and our family picture frame on the wall. All her 0-3 month clothes are washed and ready. We will try and post pics of her next weekend after we get home from the hospital....we will see how things are going :)
We went to the State Fair on Saturday (which did not put me into labor, it just created more pressure). It was fun. We ate lots of good food and Hudson got to see Big Tex. We had a good time. There is a picture of him enjoying his free ice cream sample. Every time he took a bit, he would wipe his mouth- he doesn't like for his mouth and hands to be is so funny- just like both grandpas.
Today, Hudson and Daddy went to the store to get snacks for the hospital. We are ready!!
The next time we post, we will be a family of four!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shower Time!!!

We had another fun filled weekend with family and friends!! We had our big shower this weekend at our friend Marci's house. We got tons of things off our registry and cute clothes for Ella. Here are a few pics from the shower. Again, it is hard to pick out the best ones, but I did narrow it down.
Paul parent's were in town, my grandmother and aunt came in from Gilmer and my mom is finally back from my grandpa's house. We even had friends travel from Dallas and Austin. So, we had a good time with our family and friends.
Paul finished the dresser today, so we will be putting it in Ella's room today and start filling it with bloomers, diapers, more clothes, and other things. I can't wait.
We are really feel so blessed to have such great friends who threw us a wonderful shower and a great family who gives so generously.
So, thank you to all of you!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

We had our doctor's appointment today. She said Ella is a very happy, content baby. Which means she is happy where she is. We did set up an induction date for October 4 (Thursday) at 9:00 am. Just two days before our due date. We are very excited!!! We will keep you updated on any changes.

On another note, Hudson got to play with some friends this week and I wanted to send a few pictures. He loves playing with Kate and Dylan.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Biting Scandal

Just to update you on Hudson biting scandal....we did withdraw his enrollment from the 'mother's day out' program. They did tell Paul they hope Hudson can return once he "got over the whole biting thing." I don't recall my child biting another child multiple times. So, this week, our wonderful friend Tiffany has helped us out by keeping Hudson. We have asked Tiffany if Hudson could start with her on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. He absolutely loves it. And they are doing preschool on the days he goes, so it is wonderful!! I am very excited about it. Then on Monday and Wednesdays, Hudson will be playing with his friend Kate at Mrs. Amy's house. We are very excited about this all being settled before Baby Ella comes. We are very appreciative of our friends and know Hudson is in good hands.
On another note, we have another doctors appointment tomorrow. We will see what Dr. Monti says about Baby Ella!! We did have a beautiful shower at my school this week. We got tons of cute clothes and a few things off our registry. We are very excited about all of Ella's new things. She will be the best dressed girl around. Our big church shower is this we will have a fun weekend with family and friends.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, we have had another adventurous week in the Hosni Family. It all started with me getting sick on Monday and Paul having to clean up the car once I got home. I won't go into details with that. I stayed home on Tuesday. We had our 37 week check up on Tuesday afternoon. Everything looks good and Ella is right on schedule (although I feel like she is ready to come at any moment). We go again this week and I will keep you guys updated.
Hudson got bit again (3rd time) on Thursday. Paul went and talked to the director on Friday and said either Hudson moves classes or the other girl moves classes. The direction said that was not a problem, that they have had trouble with the little girl biting other children and she was going to move her room that day. Well, I went to pick him up Friday and Hudson and the little girl were standing side by side when I got there. So, he will not be returning there. We have wonderful friends who are helping us out while we come up with another plan. I know in about 2 1/2 weeks, I will be home for 6 weeks, so if we can make it through the next 2 1/2 weeks we can come up with a game plan.
Saturday night, Paul and I got to go on a date night. We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum. It was really good. Then we went to Cheesecake Factory- yummy- since I have been craving cheesecake this pregnancy. We had a great time!!
Sunday, our friend Dylan came over and played for a little while. Hudson and Dylan had a great time playing and crawling around chasing each other. It was so cute.
Well, I think I have written a novel this time, but we just like to keep everyone updated. I also put a few pics, but I couldn't pick which ones....I even narrowed it down. I hope you enjoy them!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

We have light!!!

Who knew my husband could be so handy. He (with a little help from me) hung Ella's light today. It was a little tricky since we went from a ceiling fan to a light, but we did it. I am so proud of Paul and all he has done in Ella's room (at my request): painting stripes, cutting, painting and hanging crown molding, and now hanging a new light. None of which he had done before. I told him he should feel good when he walks into Ella's room and sees everything he has done. Now all we have to do is sand and paint the dresser...maybe we will start on that tomorrow. We will just have to see.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Rough Week

Even though we had a nice day off this week- it ended up being pretty rough. On our day off, we actually got a lot done in Ella's nursery. Then the rest of the week came. Paul ended up with low grade fever and a severely pulled hamstring by the weeks end. I am hanging in there, trying to take care of Hudson and Paul. We had a few late nights with church, meet the teacher night, and Paul's first co-ed softball game with the church league. Hudson got bit again at 'school' and we had to ask for the incident report a few times. It has just been crazy. We are trying to get him into another mother's day out program, but we will wait and see what the Lord has in store for us. Then came tonight. After staying late at school and picking up Hudson, we decided to go shopping for JD's birthday party. We should have gone to eat first, but we decided to go to Toys R Us first...and Hudson didn't like this idea one bit...he wanted to go eat first. Our hour and a half trip didn't go so well at Toys R Us....they didn't have the toy we wanted to get JD, so we settled for another toy, which Paul is taking back in the morning and exchanging for another toy that we think JD would like better. We did however get out of Toys R Us without buying any Elmo toys for Hudson. It was shocking!! I know our weekend will only get better. We are going to play with our friends tomorrow evening at JD's 2nd birthday party. It should be a blast. We will see how things go.
I just thought we would share our hard weeks as well as our good if just hard sometimes, but the Lord brings you through it all. Hudson curled up in my lap tonight and we rocked until he snuggled up and fell asleep and it made all the things from this week fade away. It was wonderful. His little hand was resting on my 9 month tummy....I told him he is going to be such a great big brother. As we go through the weekend, we will continue finding the joy in everyday life and the little things the Lord puts in our lives to lift us up.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big Boy Hair Cut

This weekend has been busy, but fun. On Friday, we went and got Hudson's hair cut. There are no more curls for now, but give them a few weeks and they will grow back. We also put together the daybed in Ella's room and we have the dresser ready to work on. We are getting close to finishing, which is good considering that we only have 4 1/2 weeks to go. Crazy!! We also went to our friend Dylan's birthday party. Hudson had a great time with his friends playing basketball, jumping in the bounce house, and pulling/riding around with Dylan in his new red wagon. We are excited about having the day off tomorrow. We plan on looking for lighting for Ella's room tomorrow and working on her room. We will see what we get finished!!

Have a Happy Labor Day!!