Wednesday, July 20, 2011

American Girl Store

This week each of the kids had their mommy and me day!! On Monday, Ella went to Brandi's and Hudson and I spent the day together!! We got ready and went to Bailey's birthday party- we ate lunch in the park and then went to see Cars 2- only Hudson's 3rd time to see it!! Then we went to Blue Cherry to eat some yummy fro yo!! I didn't get any pics of Hudson's day, but when I get some from Bailey's mom, I will post them,.
Then on Tuesday, Hudson went to Brandi's and Ella, Nana, and I headed to Dallas to the American Girl store, eat lunch at the AG Bistro and see Daddy at his office. Ella picked out Gracie's outfit and her own outfit!! She did a good job. We had such a fun day!!
Ella and Nana ready to shop!!
Ella and Gracie
Ella and Kanani- The Girl of the Year
Sweet Ella Bella
Yummy food at the AG bistro
Nana and Ella enjoying their dessert.
Ella and Gracie after Gracie went to the AG Salon.
Mommy, Ella, and Nana
Gracie got a new outfit and there might be a new AG doll under the tree for Christmas from Nana!!
Mommy, Ella, and Gracie- leaving the AG store and headed to Daddy's office to say hi!!
A fun girls day with my favorite girl!!