Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Trouble for Hudson

Hudson has been getting up before me in the mornings and playing before waking me up. Much to my surprise, this is how our computer looked when Hudson came and woke me up this morning. This is when those computer classes from high school pays off- I just put my fingers on the 'home' keys and hope for the best when typing. So, don't expect much blogging from us until we get an external board or get this one fixed.
Hudson did get in trouble. After some disciplining, a talk, and a timeout, we decided that Hudson wasn't allowed to watch any cartoons today. We only had a few problems with that, but they were short lived.
Once Paul got home, Hudson took Paul the bag of keys and said, "Sorry Daddy!!" Priceless!!


The Conway's said...

Oh no!!

Elizabeth said...

OMG! That is kind of impressive that he was able to get them off. I love the comment to Paul at the end...definitely priceless. Hope you guys are having a great summer. We must catch up soon. =-)