Friday, April 25, 2008

Sick, Sicker, & Sickest

We are a sick family. Ella got tubes on Thursday. She was a champ.....the whole surgery part took about 10 minutes and another 10 minutes in recovery. When the doctor came out, she told us her ears were infected again.....she told us she vacuumed out a lot of gunk. Hopefully this will be the end of the ear infections and the beginning of sleeping through the night again.
Paul woke up Thursday morning with a fever, but it went away during the day. He made a doctors appointment for Friday. Thursday afternoon I started a fever and had major chills. So, we both went to the doctor today. Paul is on the back end of bronchitis and I have strep throat. Good times at our house. They gave me a shot, and told me to rest- I should be better in about 48 hours. We will see. We have TAKS testing next week at school, so I am hoping to be well for that!! What is funny, Ryan & Jen went to the doctor today too- they have sinus infections and allergies. Jen opted for the shot and Ryan is taking meds. We are all sick. So pray that we all get well soon!!
We will update you again soon!!


The Conway's said...

I am so glad Ella's procedure went well. I hope you guys are all feeling better! Good luck on the tests this week!!

The Conway's said...

I hope your surviving your week of tests! Just think...only a few more weeks!!

D Fam said...

Hi Amanda, could you leave me your email address on my blog? Thanks, Chelle