Monday, October 8, 2007

Loving Brother and Shingles

Hudson and Ella on the way home from the hospital.....can you believe we have 2 in the back seat now!?!?!

Hudson and Ella on the couch.
We have made it through the first 4 days. Hudson is really taking to Ella really well. This morning, I was sitting on the couch with Ella. Hudson came up and pointed to the couch and said Ella. He wanted me to put Ella on the couch next to him. He crawled up on the couch and I put Ella next to him. He put his arm around her as if to say, this is my sister....don't mess with her. It just melted my heart. My mom grabbed her camera to catch the moment. I know he is going to be such a wonderful big brother!!
Ella did get to meet her Auntie Jen today and just loved her. Auntie Jen got to feed her and then she cuddled up and went right back to sleep....which seems to be her routine.
On another note, I did find out today that I have shingles on my right leg. It is pretty painful. My doctor prescribed a medicine which won't effect feeding Ella. Just pray for a speedy recovery...which they say can take up to 14 days. At least I am out of school for 6 weeks to recover.
We will keep you updated on our family of four!!


Whitney said...

What a pair of sweeties! Praying you recover quickly, so you can enjoy them!

April said...

Ella is so beautiful, and Hudson is such a sweet brother. Thanks for sharing your pics and stories with us. Get well soon.

Kristin said...

Congratulations Amanda!!! She is beautiful and that is the cutest little camo outfit that I have ever seen! I am so happy for you guys!! Hudson is adorable!!!

Michelle said...

I love the picture of her and Hudson! He looks so proud of her!

It was great to see you Monday night, and I was thrilled to meet baby Ella! She's just adorable!