Monday, October 15, 2007

The Boys

The boys watching the Cowboys.

We have had a pretty fun first week and a half of having two children. It has been a little crazy, but lots of fun. Ella is only getting up about 2 times a night. She pretty much just eat, sleeps, and we change diapers. The challenge comes when they both get up at night, which has only happened once, thankfully. Hudson is still going to his babysitters during the days, so I am able to try and keep up with the house, but mainly rest.
My mom has been out of town since Thursday with my grandfather. He has been in the hospital again. Each day brings a new problem. We are praying that he will get to go home soon. And praying that he will be open to the idea of a nursing home, which he is very against right now.
My dad has been able to come over just about every day to spend some time with us, but I know he really just wants to see Hudson and Ella.
Paul is back at work and trying to adjust to sleeping less at night and taking care of me, Hudson, and Ella. He is such a good Daddy and husband. And I love him very much!!
As for me, I am recovering and resting well. My shingles are getting better each day. They don't hurt as much now, so I think we are at the ending stages of it. We will see what this week brings.