Saturday, May 30, 2009

Newest Member of the Family!!

We are the proud Auntie & Uncle to Baby Miles!!!!
Miles Christopher was born on May 29th at 7:42 am
7lbs. 13 oz. 20 1/2 inches long

The Story of Miles

For those of you who don't know Ryan and Jen, they have had a long journey to becoming parents. I am not going into all the details, but little Miles is a miracle, a true gift from God.
Ryan and Jen had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. They tired many different things. Finally they decided to forgo all treatments and last October, they found out they were pregnant.
I will never forget the night they came to tell us the amazing news. It was October 3rd, the night before Ella's first birthday. If you have kids, you know how crazy it is to plan for a first birthday, so I didn't understand when Ryan called and wanted to return a ladder he had borrowed. It was pretty late and we were sitting in our living room with Paul's mom putting together gift buckets for Ella's party. Ryan and Jen came in with and just started chatting like normal. Then Ryan said, Jen has a card for you. If you know Jen, then you know this is very normal.....she is the card queen. So, I opened it and was shocked to see a picture of a sonogram. It said, "The Little Miracle You've Prayed For" Due Date May 31, 2009. We all just cried and were so excited!!! I asked for permission to hang it on the fridge since all our friends would be over the next day and see it. Ryan and Jen agreed!!
The other part to the story is that they did not find out the gender of the baby. So, I knew when Baby D was born, I was going to be there when Ryan got to announce, "Well.....IT'S A BOY!!!! AND HIS NAME IS MILE CHRISTOPHER!!" (Christopher is Ryan's first name)
Baby MilesNew Family of Three (four including Lucy)Hudson visiting Auntie Jen
Auntie Mandy with my new nephew, Miles.

We are so blessed every day with God's amazing love and little miracles in life.
Miles is the littlest BIG miracle in our lives today!!
Happy Birthday Little Miles!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day in Kemah

Mother's Day 2009 we went to Houston to celebrate with Teta. We drove down to Houston on Friday night and arrived late. We tried to just transfer the kids over, Hudson was successful, but Ella was a different story. She didn't want to go to bed at all.....Mommy tired and tired to keep her quiet, but I think she woke up the whole neighborhood (with the exception of her brother). Saturday morning, Mommy and Daddy got to run some errands while Ella and Hudson spent some quality time with Teta and Gueddo. Ella ended up with new shoes for Mother's Day!! YEAH (Mommy has be begging for a while) Saturday about lunch time we headed out for Kemah. It was so nice outside and the kids really enjoyed it!! We rode the train, took a walk by the water, and ate ice fun!! Sunday we plan on getting up and heading out for a Sunday morning Mother's Day breakfast. Now to the good!!!
Mother's Day 2009 Family PictureHudson and Ella watching and waving at the boats!!

Ella playing with Teta and Gueddo

Ella playing with Teta's hat.
The whole family enjoying the was a really pretty day!!

Hudson getting ready for the train ride.

Ella and Daddy ready for the train.....hold on tight!!

Hudson & Ella on the train.
Ella wondering what is going to happen!!

Daddy & Ella

Precious Baby Girl!!

Hudson, Ella, & Mommy...Happy Mother's Day 2009
On a side note, we did get to celebrate Mother's Day with Nana and Dad's birthday this past week and I will post pics of that later (mom can I use your camera later?!?!)