Monday, January 5, 2009

Stats Up Date

Today Paul took both kids in for their well-checks....I think this will be the last time he does that by himself. Ella was getting her 15 month shots and Hudson was getting some blood taken for a referral to an allergist or a breathing specialist (the poor kids throws up all the time). We will keep you updated with what we find out!!
Hudson- our tall, lean boy
3 years old (12.14.05)
weight: 33 lbs (75%)
height: 39 inches (75%)
Ella- our short and fuffy girl
15 months old (10.4.07)
weight: 23 lbs (25%)
height: 29 inches (10%)
I knew she was short, but wow, only the 10th percent....hopefully she will hit a growth spurt soon!!

Christmas in Newby

We were able to go to Newby the day after Christmas to spend some time with Papaw and play. The kids had fun with Aunt Charlotte and playing outside in the nice weather. We were able to put all 15 of us at one table for was so fun!! Here are a few pics from our fun day!!
Ella playing outside!! Ella and Aunt 'Harlotte'

Hudson playing around outside!!

Hudson greeting Auntie Jen!!

The Hosni Christmas

Teta and Gueddo came in town on the 26th and spent a few days with us for Christmas!! Santa came to visit again...Hudson was so excited!! We had such a good time eating some great Mexican food, shopping, and playing with Teta and Gueddo!!
Ella and Teta playing with her tea party set!!The boys enjoying lunch at the mall!!

'Christmas' morning with Teta and Gueddo!!

Teta and Gueddo opening presents!!

Hudson helping Gueddo open his many shirts!!

Ella opening her new baby doll play set!!

Ella enjoying her time with Teta and Gueddo!!

We had such a great visit with Teta and Gueddo!!

The Dean Christmas

Christmas afternoon/evening we went to my parents house for a fun enchilada/tamale dinner. It was delicious!! Then we opened the throngs of presents. We had so much fun and enjoyed spending time with the whole family.
Hudson got a fun tool set. All the girls got address stamps.

Dad with his beloved cribbage game.

We found this Willow Tree (The Gift) of a couple with a baby....too perfect for Ryan and Jen!! It was so special!!

Hudson also got a train set!! I think by far his favorite toy from Nana and Papa!!

Thanks for such a fun time with our family!!